Updating Your Global Entry Information

A few months ago, we posted an article about the new centralized website for the Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and Free and Secure Trade programs. Now, instead of each of these programs having their own website – which opens up a lot of possible security concerns – they are all maintained under one website run by Customs and Border Patrol.

Since posting that article, we’ve had quite a few people ask us how they can go about updating information in their Trusted Traveler program accounts. While we can’t help you make changes to your accounts directly at this time, we hope the below information will answer your questions.

If you’re currently enrolled in Global Entry or another Trusted Traveler Program…

Your first step, if you haven’t already done so, is setting up an account at the new website. The old website where you used to manage your account doesn’t exist anymore, but your enrollment shouldn’t be affected. Check out our article on the new website for all the details on how to set up and manage your account via the new website.

If you need to update your basic Trusted Traveler Program account information…

You can make changes to information like your address and phone number through your Trusted Traveler Program online account. You can also update your information online if you renew your passport or get a replacement for a lost or stolen passport.

If you’ve already taken the steps to set up your online account, simply go to the Trusted Traveler Program website and click “Log In” on the upper righthand side of the page. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a prompt on the righthand side of your dashboard that says “Update Documents.” Click on that.

Now you can follow the prompts to update any of your existing account documents. Once you’ve completed the update, you’re all set.

If you need to update your name or add a new account document…

This is when updating Global Entry and other Trusted Traveler programs gets a little more complicated. Adding new information to your account that you didn’t include in your original Global Entry application requires a visit to a local Enrollment Center. For example, if you get married or divorced and change your legal name, or if the issuing authority of your passport changes, those changes need to be made in person.

To find your nearest Enrollment Center, visit this website. You don’t have to make an appointment to visit an Enrollment Center, but it’s worth at least calling in advance to double check hours and learn about wait times.

If you need to renew your Trusted Travel program membership…

You can apply for a Global Entry renewal through your member dashboard on the Trusted Traveler programs website. The expiration date of your membership should appear at the top of your dashboard. You can apply to renew your membership when your active membership is set to expire in one year or less or after your membership has already expired. You may or may not be required to complete another interview when you renew your membership.

We hope you found this information useful. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact the us any time. We are here to help day and night.

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